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Food & Drink

The food and drink industry sector is very diverse in the quantity of materials handled and the types of materials.  If you are receiving, processing or preparing combustible or flammable materials then your production unit is subject to DSEAR regulations.  What are the hazards, suitable controls and are they effective in reducing the risk of harm?

HSD Safety consultants have extensive experience in visiting and assessing a wide variety of food and drink operations.  The scale of operations we have provided advice for range from R&D food laboratories, pilot plants, FIBC and palletised sized processes up to large through put FMCG multinational plants.  Grain handling and milling from dockside and mills or oil extraction facilities are well known to us.

HSD Safety are pleased to provide advice to the National Association of British and Irish Millers safety group.

The drinks industry is equally diverse ranging from large quantities of flammable flavours for carbonated drinks, through lager and beer brewing to distilling, maturation warehousing at such quantities as to be subject to COMAH as well as DSEAR.  HSD Safety  have provided extensive advice across many sites and continents.

When we undertake a site survey we include items that can be forgotten or missed such as ammonia chillers, fuel tanks, LPG tanks, boiler houses, engineering stores, gas cages and waste treatment plants.

Incidents at food and drink sites have been investigated, technical reports prepared and submitted in relation to compliance and for legal representation.