Sooner or later someone will raise the question “Is this compliant?” or “Can we use this?” Is it  a clear “yes” or “no” or more of a hesitant “I think so, but…”?  The consultants at HSD Safety have extensive experience in helping clients assess and when necessary to demonstrate compliance.

Some operators find themselves lacking in particular risk assessments – for example for DSEAR or Fire Safety.  The question could have been raised by a Competent Authority such as the Health and Safety Executive particularly if they perceive an uncontrolled hazard.  Matters may be more formal and an Improvement Notice or Prohibition Notice has been served.

Some suppliers or operators are well aware of their duties but uncertain as to how they apply; a not infrequent question relates to importing and use of existing or pre-used equipment.

Our consultants can assist no matter where in the life-cycle of equipment use or process operation.  We can review existing assessments, provide advice on the suitability and use of equipment (new and pre-used), prepare and present technical documents on your behalf  when meeting with Competent Authorities.  There is no need for uncertainty, contact us.