Seveso / COMAH

The Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations aim to prevent major accidents and limit their consequences. It is the UK enactment of the Seveso Directives. They are applicable to any establishment storing, handling or processing above specified quantities of industrial chemicals of a hazardous nature.

A major accident is one which results in serious damage or harm to human health or the environment arising from events such as uncontrolled release, fire, explosion, toxic gas release or leaks of the specified hazardous material to rivers, air or land.

The regulations operate at two levels depending on inventory; Lower Tier and Upper Tier.

Lower Tier sites are required to notify basic details to the Competent Authority (CA), to take all measures necessary to prevent major accidents and to limit their consequences, and to prepare a Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP). In addition to this, Upper Tier sites are required to prepare a Safety Report demonstrating all measures necessary have been taken to prevent major accidents and to limit their consequences, prepare and test an on-site emergency plan, and to liaise with the local authorities regarding off-site emergency plans. The Safety Report must be updated every five years.

HSD’s experienced team of consultants has been involved in preparing, maintaining, reviewing and revising COMAH Safety Reports for many years, either as consultants providing the service for client companies, or as engineers and operations personnel of operating companies.

HSD has worked with companies in a wide range of industries including chemical processing, LPG storage, handling and distribution, spirit distilling and warehousing. We can provide a range of COMAH compliance services, including

  • Safety Report Preparation, in part or in full.

  • Safety Report Review and update.

  • initial studies to determine if COMAH applies and at what level.

  • HAZID and Consequence Models.

  • QRA for more detailed assessment.

  • Preparation of MAPPs (Major Accident Prevention Policies).

To find out more about how we can assist your company with regards to COMAH, please contact us.